Foreclosure Law Firm Under Fire

Foreclosure firm serving Maryland, DC and Virginia came under fire recently for questionable practices following statements by a former employee. A paralegal formerly employed at the firm complained to prosecutors that more than 1,000 deeds recorded by the firm after Maryland foreclosure auctions had false signatures according to The Baltimore Sun. The Viginia-based foreclosure firm of Shapiro & Burson has allegedly admitted that signatures on key foreclosure documents were made by someone other than the names on the documents.

In light of all of this Representative Elijah Cummings recently asked why FannieMae was still using Shapiro & Burson to conduct foreclosures on its loans? Good question, indeed. It is unclear at this time what steps FannieMae has taken to make sure foreclosures on its loans are conducted properly. A response to Rep. Cummings will most likely address his concerns and perhaps shed light into the new foreclosure procedures. I can’t wait! I will update this as the story develops.


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