Sample Letters to Mortgage Servicers to Guide Consumers

Living up to their stated missiion of protecting consumers, the CFPB has issues a series of sample lettter that consumers can use to interact with mortgage companies.

Sample Letters: Sample letters include

Requesting that a servicer correct errors: Do you think an error has been made? This form shows you how to notify your mortgage company of your concerns in an effective and efficient way. .

Requesting information from a servicer: Do you have question about your mortgage? Would you prefer to get the answer in writing? Use this letter to get the answers you need.

Mortgage IInformation: ARe you considering buying a home or are you in the process of buying? The Bureau cal provide valuable informaiotn about your rights under the new laws. For those facing tough times including foreclosure the bureau can be helpful as well.

Answers to Consumer Questions:AskCFPB is an interactive online tool that can answer most common mortgage related questions. .

Great Tools: Do you need to find local housing counseling agencies? There is a tool for that as well.

Rules cheatsheets: Do you need a quick and handy reference of the new mortgage rules? The Bureau has cheatsheets that you can use.

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