Maryland Divorce Attorney – Separation Agreements, Modifications and Protective Orders

Maryland Divorce Attorney

I can assist you with legal questions at every stage of your relationship. You may need advice before you tie the knot in the form of prenuptial agreements to protect your hard work and preserve it for loved ones. On the other hand, the end of your marriage may be near and you need to work on a plan to resolve the issues between you and your spouse.

Prenuptial Agreements

I work with parties who wish to determine the division of assets prior to entering into a marriage by guiding them through prenuptial agreements. Whether you want to protect pre-marital assets or protect assets for children of a previous relationship, I can help you shape your prenuptial agreement.

Marital Settlement Agreements

Your marriage may have been for a short period or may have lasted decades, resulting in accumulation of significant assets. I appreciate the fact that your family has its unique characteristics and those will impact a potential Marital Separation Agreement. My goal is to resolve as many issues as can be included in a Marital Separation Agreement. My experience in negotiating and drafting settlement agreements ensures that your rights are protected.

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Court modification of an existing child support and custody award is available so long as the moving party can show a material change in circumstances has occurred that affects the welfare of the child or children in question. In rare circumstances, alimony is modifiable as well. As a family law lawyer, I have advocated for parties seeking or defending against a court ordered modification of an existing order.

Protective and Peace Orders

If you have been the victim of domestic violence and are in need of assistance in seeking a protective order or a peace order, contact me today. I have experience representing both those seeking protection and those defending themselves against unjustified protective orders and peace orders. I can also assist you in appealing the entry or denial of final orders.


I am familiar with the complicated process of seeking and obtaining domestic adoptions. I can advise both the biological parents as well as parents who are consenting to the adoption on the various steps and complicated rights involved in the process.

Call me now for a complimentary review of your case! 410-849-9529

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